Top Most Expensive Headphones In The World

These headphones are of the world-renowned manufacturers from Germany, the United States at prices ranging from several hundred million to billions. With its outstanding characteristics, these headsets are considered to be the best studio headphones that everyone wants to own.

  • Sennheiser Orpheus (Price: About $ 55,000)

Orpheus headphones was “resurrected” by Sennheiser after 25 years from the first generation. Unlike before with limited production of 300 units, the new model is sold Unlimited from 2016, but not everyone is willing to spend much  money to own.

The kit includes headphones of electrostatic membrane fabrication technology with extremely complex to bring audio standards, details that few speaker can match. Sennheiser Orpheus comes DAC cum pre-amplifier with advanced chip ES9018 Sabre Ess, which has the ability to handle 32-bit resolution with a sampling frequency of 384 kHz.

According to specifications, the product has a frequency response of 100 Hz to 8 kHz, the threshold beyond which humans can hear is 16-20000 Hz. In addition, Sennheiser Orpheus brings super clean sound with only 0.01% distortion.

  • Final Sonorous X (Price: About $ 8,000)

Final Audio product belongs to the world’s most expensive headphones without amplifiers or accessories sold with assistance. Sonorous X is overvalued not because of the super expensive material, which is mainly due to manufacturing technology.

Sonorous X  owns drive 50mm combined with a housing made from aluminum CNC cutting technology. This product helps the Final eliminate unwanted vibration, but it’s quite heavy when the weight reaches 630 grams.Sonorous X has 16 ohm impedance, 105dBSPL (1mW), sensitivity while the cable has a length of 1.5 meters.

  • Abyss – AB-1266 (Price: About $ 5,500)

This advanced headphones from the US uses technology from flat design combined with high quality aluminum alloy frame. Abyss also equips with a septum for the carbon steel structure specifically to minimize internal resonance phenomenon ear tubers.

Abyss – AB-1266 owns 46 ohm impedance, 85 dB sensitivity and frequency range from 5 Hz response to 28,000 Hz. It also comes with 2 sets of cable products length of 2.5 m and 3.5 m.


Some Tips To Help You Preserve Your Studio Headphone

Being included accessories of mobile phones and all kinds of different mp3 players, headphones become popular items in all generation. With a headphone, you can listen to music and enjoy at any time without affecting the people around. Therefore, if you want to last the used time of the headphone, you must understand some tips to maintain reliability, increasing duration of use of headphones. So, how can we preserve the studio headphone? This article will introduce you some tricks in maintaining the life of headphone.

  • Put The Headphone In Dedicated Box For Medium-Sized

In order to maintain and preserve your headphones in the best way, you can buy or make use of the bags, containers or medium sized eyeglasses and put the headphone into it. For the high-end headphones, which have dedicated separate container, do not forget to put them in after use. This not only helps you protect your absolute safety to avoid collisions headset outside, but also give you a neat and easy habit to find your studio headphone when you want to use.

  • Scroll Headphones After Use

This may be a very common habit in many people. After they use the headphone, they will roll and drop it into the bag.The first consequence is that headphones are tangle especially wired headphones round and so when it comes to use, you will take time to troubleshoot. Not only that, your headphone is no longer smooth, beautiful straight. Associated with this habit, some individuals may throw the headphone into a corner and this is a favorable condition for dirt to cling to the foam headphones. This dirt outside monitor speaker causes shy or hear the big, the small side. Dirt does not only affect the sound quality, but also affect your ears: dust, relics reached the ears causing danger, which is not foreseeable, can lead to ear problems like ear mushrooms. In case after rolling headphones and earphones in one corner,  the other heavy objects on top, which are very fractured outer will enter into the headphone. Therefore, please use the scroll bar headset after use and remove the headphone in your pocket and medium-sized box.

  • Do Not Listen Too Loud

You’ve heard about the harmful effects of the use of headphones and listening to loud music yet?This is absolutely correct. According to the latest statistics on previously impaired securities aging appear at the age of 60, this figure being rejuvenation is 30-40, and the use of headphones is one of the causes of this phenomenon of aging early hearing.

Listening to loud music not only makes the speaker membrane stretched, minus being shy, fast broken headphone, but also brings a large effect on your ears. (Prone to deafness).

Solution: Adjust the volume not to exceeding 60% to be able to enjoy the volume of audio fidelity and limit some causes, which may danger to your ear.


Some Points To Note While Preserving Your Headphones

A studio headphone, whether it is expensive or cheap, you still want to keep the headphones not to be broken. But the preservation of the headphone is not a simple matter, because there are many different types of headphones and earphones materials to make different. Here are some tips for you.

  • Protection Of General Headphones

The best way to protect your headphone is to keep the headphone in the box or bag when you do not need. Even if your headphones are not accompanied by a bag or container, you can still buy quite cheaply outside.Headband of the headphone are now commonly made of pliable plastic, so you can adjust the headband continuously without fear of broken headband. However, you should still know your limits headband bending to avoid accidentally damaging headband during use.

One thing worth mentioning is to be careful with the term of wireless headphone. Avoid stepping on wire, avoid putting other objects into your headphone. Otherwise, it will make wire rope breaks or damage inside leading to the audio signal, which is interrupted or intermittent. If you must use the adapter or 1/8 – 1/4, you should regularly check the contact surface to avoid poor connections. You should also avoid putting pressure on the jack or wiring points on headphones to minimize internal wiring in damaged.

It takes for granted that dust makes headphones damage very quickly. To avoid dust, you should clean the surface of the headphone (headband, outer ear tiles, wiring) and the micro fiber cloth to headphones in a dry place, away from the reach of children or domestic animals. If your headphone comes with the best rack, you should place the headphone on the shelf to avoid dirt surface to be easily removed and aesthetic.

Besides, keep your headphones to avoid too cold or hot environment, direct sunlight, moisture, dusty environments, avoid dropping or strongly negative impact.

  • How To Care For Leather Parts / Labor Velvet

Sometimes in the surfaces lined with velvet, you should wipe the surface regularly to avoid dust. You can also use a mini vacuum cleaner (or use a vacuum cleaner to clean the keyboard) to clean dust for parts made from velvet.

For leather surfaces, you should not use leather cleaners, because these substances are not to be used for artificial leather. Artificial skin may crack if you use chemicals to clean. The best way is to use a damp cloth to wipe the dust after every time you’re done.


5 Questions Should Be Posed Before Buying Studio Headphones

For many people, finding a suitable headphone is pretty hard work because on the market there are countless different types of headphones of different vendors, with price ranges from a few hundred to tens of million dollars. Therefore, there still have customers who are confused in choosing a good quality headphone with good sound and reasonable price. To help you peace of mind, the article would like to emphasize that almost at any price would have the earpiece or, so do not rush to give up. Before choosing a studio headphone, you need to answer 5 questions bellows to determine your purpose as well as the need regarding to the studio headphone. Let’s refer it.

  • You Mainly Use The Headphone For Listening To Music Entertainment Purposes Or Learning A Foreign Language?

For entertainment purposes such as listening to music, you can select the headphone depending on your musical tastes. Take a look at the list in your phone or music player if you often listen to her/his songs gentle, celestial much about the singer’s voice or instrumental music or songs you often hear the exciting, fast-paced song and often strong.

If your choice is a gentle song, find for yourself headphones with balanced sound, the bass sound range (bass), intermediate (mid) and high (high) are in harmony, not be together. The headphones will help you to enjoy the music in detail and authenticity, like sitting next to the stage. Conversely, if you choose the most popular tracks, select a headphone with bass well. This type of headphone will help you hear the drums, throbbing beating and extremely powerful.


However, if you buy a headphone for the purpose of learning foreign languages and need to hear the word of the foreigners said in recordings, find for yourself an earpiece with balanced sound. These headphones are fond of bass (bass – traits often specify the manufacturer on the box), which will make the voice of the alien stick together and difficult to hear. Also, you can buy a headphone with mic to serve the purpose of recording voice when learning a foreign language.

  • Do You Regularly Use The Headphone?

Besides the sound quality, the comfort is also one of the first criteria you should consider when buying a headphone, especially if you tend to wear headphones anytime, and anywhere. You can choose different types of headphones depending on different purposes. For example, if you listen to music at home, you can buy a shooting ear headphones (over- ear). Headphones will help you enjoy the music quite perfect by sound insulation and a good surround sound reproduction.

If you frequently move, ergonomic criteria need to be placed on top. In this case, earbuds into the ear canal (in-ear), (ear-bud) and placed on the ear headphones (on-ear) are extremely suitable choice due to its special compact characteristics, which can rewind or folded into bags or store the headphone.


Experience On Choosing Studio Headphones For The Beginners

It can’t be denied that in order to select a good headphone, you must take into consideration some characteristics such as the frequency, impedance, as well as insulation, etc. The capability of soundproof studio headphone is keeping the music coming on your ears and eliminate the outside noise because the opening up the volume to block out noisy big may have strong impact on hearing. Soundproof features will help you save more battery of the player and stable volume. This article will give some criteria that you need consider when selecting the studio headphones.

  • The speakers of studio headphone

There are two types of drivers, which are used for certain types of headphone including moving driver and the electrostatic driver. Both of these drivers are creating sound through the vibration of the diaphragm to the surrounding air. However, electrostatic driver is capable of transmitting more detailed sound with high quality audio range and low distortion. Therefore, this headphone is more suitable to the audiophile.

  • Impedance

Low impedance headphones ranges from 75 ohm to 150 ohm. This type of headphone can be connected directly to the income and distribution with big audio amplifier performance with less power and signal transmission but it is not high. Headphones, which have high impedance form 600 ohm or more, are capable of fidelity audio transmission source but power consumption is also higher.

  • Sensitivity

Sensitivity is the sound pressure acting on the ear (index SPL), measured in units milliwatt. This can affect the user’s hearing after a long time. Therefore, you only need a headphone with a few milliwatt sensitivity, which is enough to enjoy stereo quality.

  • The frequency range of the headphone

A suitable range of frequency has the meaning that you can hear stronger and much from the music. The recommended range is around 10Hz  to 25.000Hz. But, the common range that almost people hear is about 20Hz – 20,000 –whichever in that range people also easily heard.


Recipes In Efficient Use And Preservation Beats Headphones

Beats by Dr. Dre is famous brand of studio headphones, which have the best sound quality with a lot of different product lines. Here are some typical Beats headphone lines, and some tricks how to use them in the most effective way. Besides, this article also provides some general tips in maintaining the use of the headphone.

  1. Preserving And Using Beats Studio Headphones 2013 And 2012

Beats Studio headphones are operated by battery, so when used, individuals need to note the following points:

  • When not in use for a long time, you should remove the battery from the Beats Studio headphones 2012.
  • Always charge the battery fully before putting them away when not in use long time.
  • Absolutely do not to discharge the battery in the device. If having, it should be cleaned with a rag and then bring to the store to check the warranty.
  • Note to clean the ear cushions after each use to avoid dust and avoid sweat loosen the outer layer of cushion.

  1. Preserving And Using Headphones DJ Beats Mixr

A key feature of the Beats Mixr headphones is that it can rotate 270 degrees, which is extremely suitable for professional DJ, so when used, please note the following points:

  • Do not rotate more than 270 degrees joints. If unfortunately you rotate the hand, it is necessary to check if the cable is broken or not and bring to the store for repair warranty.
  • When you unplug the headphones from the head of Beats Mixr, note to use of both hands and carefully. If using a hand, your headphone will face a risk of a broken frame.
  1. Preservation Beats Pro Headphones

  • Do not twist the joints 90 degrees. If unfortunately you rotate the hand, you need to check if the cable is broken or not and bring to the store for repair warranty.
  • Note to clean the ear cushions after each use to avoid dust and avoid sweat loosen the outer layer of cushion.
  1. Use And Preservation Beats Solo HD Headphones 2012, 2013, And Beats Solo 2

Beats Solo HD headphones is also durable folding design as the viscosity of the frame, but it is limited time performances for later because use aging material can be broken. Moreover, pay attention to wiping sweat after use to prevent the damage to the Beats Solo headphones.